True Love Waits Indonesia Newsletter April 2012

Dear all,

It has been 6 months since my last newsletter but I believe you are still praying dilligently for us.

True Love Waits Indonesia was concentrating on training new trainer since November 2011, and I myself also poured my time to write lessons for girls in Indonesian context based on TLW value and belief during the months.  I am so grateful the writing was accomplished last month.  Now TLW team is going to evaluate and make some revision on it before we share it to people. Today we have had 6 trainers who had been participants in TLW workshops.  They are very helpful, thus, though I was concentrating on writing the lesson, TLW was still able to held workshop, seminars for parents, and campaign for students (all events are reported in

TLW Indonesia has serves people in some cities and village during 2011-now, and I praise Father God for His amazing plan and way. I had once wonder how to share TLW message to all people in Indonesia which is a very large area. However,  in spite of our human resources and fund limitation, God sent (I believe He is keep sending)  His people from various city and area to come and join with our workshop in Surabaya.  These people went to their hometown and prepared TLW movement in their cities and institution, and they invited us to teach and share there. on June 14-16, there will be a camp for TLW training and workshop in Batu-East Java.  We invite key people from Batu and other cities to join. On this Saturday (21 April) we are going to give workshop to leaders of  Perkantas Surabaya (it is similar with campus crusade) with a hope they may apply TLW to the youth groups they serve.

would you please pray that

1. TLW may reach all people in all area of Indonesia through those people that God sends to us

2. all TLW ministry may managed well and become great blessing for everyone who know it.

3. God send more people who have heart to support TLW.

Thank you for your prayer and attention.

In Christ’s Love,
National Director True Love Waits Indonesia

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